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Black 35 Birthday –

27 Sep


Jason Spafford of Minneapolis Launches Kickstarter Project

09 May

Jason Spafford of Minneapolis, MN has launched a project at Kickstarter. He is attempting to fund a book of Lyrics/Poems titled, “Wanna Be a Rock – Star, Can’t Play a Gui – Tar”. Anyone can go to to help fund the project at whatever level they are comfortable with. Uncomfortable levels of funding are also welcome.

Spafford was reached by phone and said, “The idea is to publish 1000 books (100 Lyrics/Poems and 130 pages), or more if funding is available, and give them out for free at locations where musicians and other creative persons can access them and let others decide what kind of music best fits the lyrics. It would be fun to see how each artist approaches the lyrics. One location that will be giving out books to its customers is Copy Cats Media (”

Jason Spafford also stated that he’s been getting very positive feedback and support from all the Jason Spaffords across the U.S. and abroad. Jason Spafford of London, England said, “We’re all very proud of Jason Spafford of Minneapolis and support him one hundred percent. He’s a right bloke, that he is.”

25 Sample Lyrics can be found to the right under the “Jason Spafford Kickstarter Project” Page


Jason Spafford is NullSoldier

07 Sep

Check out Jason Spafford at At NullSoldier learn about the Lan Party.

An event sought out by those whom are constantly in contact with the technological revolution happening around the world. Those cave dwellers, treckies, and hardware geeks. They come from all over to seek the one thing that all wish to attain in masses, The Frag.

What is a lan party? Where did it start? Where can I find one? All these questions will be answered for you in this complete LAN party guide. This guide will provide you with every resource and piece of information about LAN parties so even if your not interested in learning about this crazed college and gaming social event you will know everything from History to Present about LAN parties.

Keep doing the good work Jason Spafford and keep us at Jason Spafford 24 Hour News Channel aprised of any upcoming events or news.


Jason Spafford doing a great job

02 Sep

Jason Spafford of Bradenton Florida is reportedly doing a great job at Best Choice Software He’s an Internal Tools Developer there and previously attended Manatee Community College (home of the “fighting” Manatees – formerly the Lancers).  We look forward to any updates with Jason Spafford’s status. As a Jason Spafford we know he’ll always do a great job even if he goes somewhere else to do it.


LinkedIn naming Jason Spaffords

30 Aug

It appears that there are multiple Jason Spaffords on LinkedIn. At Jason Spafford 24 Hour News we had a staff reporter contact a LinkedIn representative who commented that this was not that peculiar but refused to comment further. After further investigation our staff reporter found that there are 25 John Smiths on LinkedIn while there are 5 Jason Spaffords listed. One could conclude that there are 5 times more John Smiths in the country than there are Jason Spaffords. With the popularity of the name John Smith this seems unlikely. So how could this be so skewed? When the representative of LinkedIn was pressed she asked if she could be Connected with our staff reporter, then hung up abruptly – or at least it seemed abrupt to our staff reporter. We will keep you posted as we continue the investigation Into LinkedIn.


Jason Spafford News

30 Aug

Jason Spafford of the UK is an accomplished underwater photographer. You can check out some of his amazing photos here Keep up the good work, Jason Spafford.


Jason Spafford


Jason Spafford Breaking News

08 Jan

Jason Spafford of Minneapolis, MN has recently launched his new line of grooming products for men. His company, Hound’s Head, LLC, has just put out a Grooming Tool Kit for Men. Images of the kit can be seen at