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Here at the Jason Spafford 24 Hour News Channel people have been tuning in for over 30 years for fairly accurate, so-so information about Jason Spafford. The world knows many Jason Spaffords. We try to stay current with the goings on of  Jason Spaffords.  The 24 Hour Jason Spafford News Channel started out 30 years ago as a pamphlet about Jason Spafford of Minneapolis, MN (then Madison, WI) and was handed out at coffee shops and shopping malls. It was the beginning of the effort of getting the word out on Jason Spafford. Why not? It seemed like people needed to know what Jason Spafford was doing.

That pamphlet 30 years ago worked itself into faxes and postcards and newsletters. Any way to get up to date information about Jason Spafford out to the public.  As the Internet has grown so has the appearances of Jason Spaffords. Jason Spaffords seem to be coming from all walks of life and representing many countries,  interests, occupations, and hair colors.

Here at the Jason Spafford 24 Hour News Channel we will try to continue to bring you all the most relevant (and some less relevant) news about Jason Spaffords. Any contributing reports about Jason Spaffords are welcome. We encourage reporting from Jason Spaffords, but welcome Jason Spafford observers.

And, as always, the Jason Spafford 24 Hour News Channel will be sponsoring the upcoming Jason Spafford Convention. The next convention is slated for September 2022. Once again, this will be the best place for all Jason Spaffords to meet and discuss the business of being Jason Spafford.

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