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Jason Spafford 2022 Conference

The 2020 Jason Spafford Conference was postponed due to the Pandemic and has been rescheduled. The Jason Spafford Conference is coming September 25-27, 2022. We’re calling it the “Jason Spafford 2022 Conference”. Join us in the lobby area of the Minneapolis Convention Center for three days of discovering how to be a better Jason Spafford. Jason Spaffords from around the world will be gathering and talking about the importance of being a Jason Spafford. Non Jason Spaffords are welcome (to gain insights into Jason Spaffords) and encouraged to bring fun Jason Spafford stories (if knowing a Jason Spafford).

Here are a few of the topics and speakers that are scheduled thus far.

The Business of Being a Jason Spafford – Jason Spafford

Where Do We Go From Here (and what do we eat when we get there)? – Jason Spafford

Can We Judge a Book by Its Cover? – Jason Spafford

How to Get Along with People Not Named Jason Spafford.  – Jason Spafford

Jason Spafford Social Skills in an Age of Society and Skills. – This is a panel discussion moderated by Jason Spafford, with Jason Spafford, Jason Spafford, and Jason Spafford


Registration will be open September 24th 5-7 pm and September 25th 9-11 am. All Jason Spaffords are encouraged to pick up their schedules as well as name tags in these allotted times.

The Jason Spafford 2022 Conference is sponsored by and the Association of Jason Spaffords (AJS). All proceeds from the conference go to continuing education programs for Jason Spaffords



Charting a Course for Jason Spaffords for over 25 Years

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  1. Jason Spafford

    June 7, 2021 at 2:06 pm

    Well well well, I guess I have to attend.