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Jason Spafford is NullSoldier

07 Sep

Check out Jason Spafford at At NullSoldier learn about the Lan Party.

An event sought out by those whom are constantly in contact with the technological revolution happening around the world. Those cave dwellers, treckies, and hardware geeks. They come from all over to seek the one thing that all wish to attain in masses, The Frag.

What is a lan party? Where did it start? Where can I find one? All these questions will be answered for you in this complete LAN party guide. This guide will provide you with every resource and piece of information about LAN parties so even if your not interested in learning about this crazed college and gaming social event you will know everything from History to Present about LAN parties.

Keep doing the good work Jason Spafford and keep us at Jason Spafford 24 Hour News Channel aprised of any upcoming events or news.


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