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Jason Spafford Convention Rescheduled Due to Busy Jason Spaffords

06 Jun

The Jason Spafford Convention slated for this coming September has been moved to 2020. ¬†“We were finding that a lot of the Jason Spaffords were too busy to attend this year’s conference on ‘Being Jason Spafford'”, said Jason Spafford of Minneapolis, MN. “One of the Jason Spaffords in the UK is taking a motorcycle trip across South America, Jason Spafford in California is working on a large game programming project and several others have just changed careers. It truly is a busy time for Jason Spaffords.”

This year’s Jason Spafford Convention was to feature Jason Spafford as the key note speaker giving all Jason Spaffords an inside look at the business of being a Jason Spafford. Jason Spaffords make up several generations, thus several breakout workshops were slated to discuss the multi-generational challenges of being a Jason Spafford at 21 and a Jason Spafford at 50. The Powerpoint presentations from these workshops will be posted at a later date. All materials will be accessible by going to the member portal and logging in using your full name – which, in all cases, will be “Jason Spafford.”

The Conference was originally scheduled to be held in a hallway of the Minneapolis Convention Center in September of 2015.  Check upcoming conventions in 2020 or business conferences in 2020 or this site for updated information regarding the next Jason Spafford Convention.


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