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Jason Spafford of Minneapolis Launches Kickstarter Project

09 May

Jason Spafford of Minneapolis, MN has launched a project at Kickstarter. He is attempting to fund a book of Lyrics/Poems titled, “Wanna Be a Rock – Star, Can’t Play a Gui – Tar”. Anyone can go to¬† to help fund the project at whatever level they are¬†comfortable with. Uncomfortable levels of funding are also welcome.

Spafford was reached by phone and said, “The idea is to publish 1000 books (100 Lyrics/Poems and 130 pages), or more if funding is available, and give them out for free at locations where musicians and other creative persons can access them and let others decide what kind of music best fits the lyrics. It would be fun to see how each artist approaches the lyrics. One location that will be giving out books to its customers is Copy Cats Media (”

Jason Spafford also stated that he’s been getting very positive feedback and support from all the Jason Spaffords across the U.S. and abroad. Jason Spafford of London, England said, “We’re all very proud of Jason Spafford of Minneapolis and support him one hundred percent. He’s a right bloke, that he is.”

25 Sample Lyrics can be found to the right under the “Jason Spafford Kickstarter Project” Page